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Created in 2004, TVLowCost was a real « revolution » for TV advertising with its unique low cost approach and its « ALL INCLUSIVE TV PACKS » concept.

The success among advertisers (big, medium and small ones) has been tremendous : rapidly TVLowCost became N°1 TV advertising agency in France on 2 criteria : 1) by the number of new TV spots created every year (in average more than 150 new ones / year) and 2) by the number of active TV clients (more that 110 TV clients in 2017).

We have a unique competence acquired in audiovisual medias, from creation to media-planning and buying, we have developed an original method called « telewwwision ». Working on real time between TV ads and the web, we have built several technologies able to maximise your ROI.

Since its launch more than 170 brands entrusted our Agency with communication plans built for 3 years.

Our teams are constituted for the greater part by top managers who became partners of our agency.

We are real « entrepreneurs », 100% independent. No shareholders in Wall Street, London or Paris Stock Exchanges.

In a market where the vast majority of agencies belong to huge global networks, spending their time to merge their different agencies and absorb their teams, we are proud to be focussing all our energy on building the success of our clients. This very close and intimate relationship, where we create an authentic « dream team » between our clients and us, generates fabulous results for their brands. They become rapidly BIG !

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