A highly COMPETITIVE, pioneering Advertising Group ...

First independent TV agency

… that challenges traditional thinking and uses brute experience to break rules in order to get small-budget Challenger Brands onto TV. Or any offline or online/digital TV communications : our specialism.

Run by long-experienced professionals with proven expertise in brands, marketing and advertising, we have bravely pioneered and crafted unique All-in TV Packages. But low-cost Packages that small-budget but deserving Challenger Brands can afford. Why ? Because we firmly believe that only such TV advertising, even today, makes all the difference to a Brand’s success… both with the Trade, gaining vital Distribution and Consumers, with awareness-building and Trial. Too many brands spend serious budgets on inferior second tier media today with expensive campaigns… getting them absolutely nowhere. Our remarkable and consistent results – beyond Clients’ best expectations – prove that small budgets CAN deliver big extra business via TV.

TVLowCost was first launched in Paris in October 2004. 100% independent, it belongs to its Managers. Unusual for the Ad Industry where 85% belong to 5 global Groups. Having first pioneered a unique All-in TV Package for only €250k in France and Belgium, then £225k in the UK in 2005, TVLowCost now stretches to New Zealand with Packages starting from $65k. All designed to offer the Best Value possible and so enable smaller Challenger Brands to get onto TV. Each country has then introduced its own Packages tailored to suit its individual market – in particular « Telewwwision All-in Packages » which combine offline and online/digital.

Now in 5 countries (France, UK, NZ, Belgium, Bulgaria) after 13 years, the network manages more than 250 clients and has created and produced thousands of TV and web commercials, delivering some equally remarkable results. Our ethos.
 Who are we ?

TVLowCost, the specialist offline/online TV agency that has at last, made TV advertising AFFORDABLE.


1. “Low-cost” represents choice

Everyone accepts this today, willingly. Neither easyJet nor Ryanair hide their excellent but basic service. Such Challenger Brands are in fact hugely admired and appreciated for their revolutionary approach to real consumer needs, costs and value for money. Their efficiency and time-keeping records always put the major airlines in the shade too, so the core aim of getting somewhere fast beats most competition ! And for far less money. Regular, canny users are not disappointed because the rules of the game are known and those substantial savings made.

With TVLowCost, sacrifices are also made. No more automatic high-cost/high- wastage Terrestrial Peak airtime, for example. No more essential foreign shoots and extra days of expensive shooting [sound familiar ?]. No more famous actors used to help bolster weak creative ideas. No, everything we do is focussed on optimizing the Challenger Brand’s tangible product benefits, with optimal monies going into media. Like using latest-generation digital equipment to save time and money, especially with digital these days. Using sheer mouse to deliver More for Less on Shoots. You really can find clever ways of saving money whilst achieving the same quality strategic and creative end-results. But only if you can wear a “low-cost” hat throughout. That’s our focus. That, and getting results beyond best expectations. Oh, and we always get there quicker too : on-air 8 weeks from agreed Brief. Ok with you ?

2. Original and cannier solutions

The main point with successful “low-cost” business models is that they are tailor-made and so cannier… using only the necessary equipment… only those services required… only the essentials that consumers want to pay for. Everything organised tightly with no wastage. And only tight-fitting costs paid out, on time, and for precise purchases/uses and hours worked. On inspection, such “low-cost” operators have particularly sensitive skills because they couldn’t continue to run if their customers didn’t return for more ? Agreed ?

3. "Low-cost" rarely exists in traditional "high cost" ad agencies

« Low-cost »? Anyone can find different ways of selling at less cost but you do need that motivation, and most agencies won’t even try. Why ? Because they are culturally “high-cost” and look to maximize margins. Not surprising perhaps with the huge costs of pitches alone leave alone winning only an average 1-in-4, on top of costly offices, high staff salaries and packages, often expensive car fleets still, and a general « high-living » attitude. All of which has to be paid for. That’s by you by the way – Clients. And your Challenger Brand’s limited resources being hovered up by “high-cost” fees !

Agencies typically have their own agendas too with long time lengths and Awards ! Awards! Awards ! Always uppermost, and not always synched with your own business objectives. Production costs rocket subsequently despite the pressures of today’s economic reality. Heads well and truly planted in the sand, too often. Not helped by « Mexican armies » of staff on your business, as one Client described it, when they just wanted a few seniors involved. Not all Clients can afford such high-rolling attitudes [and good luck to those that can] because their staffing, scale and lower experience level with Media make them more cautious. Happily, for all brands tip-toeing around TV for the first time there’s another way… TVLowCost. We guarantee we will punch hugely above weight, and generate results well beyond best expectations.


1° TV Media Planning... avoiding the obvious

When the majority of advertisers’ agencies concentrate on terrestrial peak-time with its larger audiences but huge costs, TVLowCost exploits the many opportunist buying occasions on the National channels during off-peak. With great effect. The laws of supply and demand at peak-time force prices radically upwards with so many competing. But airtime during the day, shoulder peak or late peak can often be 6 times cheaper. Add to this that such programming often has more tightly-focused target audiences with stronger reasons to watch… and you can gain great added value plus better cost-efficiencies from such a strategy. These same ‘cherry-picking’ principles apply to online digital media buying too – delivering More for Less again. All consumers are consumers at the end of the day; it’s only what you need to pay in order to reach them that is the real issue.

2° The “All inclusive TVLowCost Pack” revolution... for only ¼ of the budget most Clients think TV will cost.

Having worked with all categories and sizes of advertiser, we appreciate the enormous pressures on ad budgets and the ease with which they can be exceeded. The Ad Industry is rarely sympathetic to such headaches – “low-cost” not exactly being a natural bed-fellow, right? In turn, with TV always being seen as an expensive medium many advertisers simply avoid the risk altogether. Too risky, right ? We’d say “No” and our offline and online All-in TV Packs are the answer.

Our contract guarantees the following all-inclusive services: Project Management of the entire process [on-air 8-10 weeks from Brief]… Strategy and Briefs… Creative Ideas, fees and rights of use… Group Discussions… full TV Shoot/Production through to copy clearance, on-air transmission and running costs … plus a quantified campaign Impact & Awareness Omnibus Tracker [where practical]. Also included for offline TV is a tailored Peak/Off-peak TV airtime package with optimal GRPs and number of National TV spots. And the same precisely targeted online Media Plan for digital. No extra costs. No nasty surprises.

3° A minimum of staff who are partners focused on the essentials

A key principle of ‘low cost’ generally, and it works. Avoid expensive non-essentials and hangers-on; only deliver what the consumer actually needs. A “low cost” airline’s planes are just as reliable as those of the major carriers. Its crews are just as competent. But the lounges, free drinks and over-generous staffing levels can stay with their competitors… simply because they are not needed in this case.
 TVLowCost applies these same rules to both offline and online challenges. A tight team and not a troop. No shareholders in Wall Street, London or Paris Stock Exchanges applying constant pressures on margins at all costs – profits being their sole mission. We apply only the skills necessary to ensure total success, and from one combined team. Our 6-step process and “low cost” culture enables a new campaign to hit all those screens on time, on budget, and in only 8 weeks too.

4° TV Production - the less expensive way

Campaigns can cost more or less, as you like. But great creative ideas are simple and don’t always have to be executed expensively. They also sell by themselves. A commercial complete with famous actor on the Barrier Reef will certainly cost, but is it all to mask that there’s no great idea there in the first place ? Maybe. We’d prefer to focus on bringing out the product’s tangible plusses – its competitive edges – rather than applying loads of expensive seduction techniques to do the selling. There is a difference in approach here. Our advertising is here to SELL. What else ? 
Our system of production at TVLowCost concentrates on producing the best in the most tailored and economical way possible. Every time. Always shooting in our studios or out locally, with high-definition digital film, with Directors with wider experience than just ads, and with proven production methods… these are only some of the methods we use to trim costs down to as-needed-only levels. TVLowCost then uses this leverage to deliver quality work… to our Clients. And then together celebrates converting both non-TV advertisers and lapsed users to using TV advertising again, still the most powerful of all media today.

You want to know more ?

Then come and meet us. In 2 hours, you will know everything about TVLowCost and you will be able to forge your own opinion. At the end of this personalized meeting, you will leave with the book « LowCost Attitude » which will complete our words.